Tips to Manage Fear of Change

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If you are doing the same old things, seeing the same old people, and thinking the same old thoughts, a change can give you new perspectives. However, sometimes the fear of those changes is enough to keep us in the same tired paths.

Every single day brings certain types of adjustments into our lives. These small changes are crucial. For they offer new opportunities and create room for adjustments. So what can you do to minimize fear of change? 

One aspect of why we all love living is the excitement and anticipation of the unexpected in our lives. How many times have you commented that you were bored with whatever was currently going on in your world? Managing the fears that prohibit you from experiencing new and different life events is possible with these tips.

  1. People who are passionate about life are never afraid of different events.
  2. Build a strong relationship with your fear.
  3. When a new event comes your way, ask yourself what it is that you’re afraid of and look at the fear.
  4. Make yourself comfortable and allow your mind to relive at least twice the various stages of what you fear.
  5. Reclaim the power within yourself to accept and grow with change.
  6. Knowingly surround yourself with uncomfortable feelings and recognize the fear.
  7. Observe how you react and take steps to end up with different outcomes.

Throughout all of the positive and negative events in our lives, we eventually arrive at some point where the realization that we’ve outgrown our current situation is overwhelming. We then have a strong perception to turn things around.

As that perception grows, your inner vibration changes because of this shift in thinking. Things which have formerly meant something to you, no longer fascinate you. This also happens with the kind of people around you. The magic is gone.

However, the pull of the known is so strong that it prevents us from stepping out and experiencing the unknown. This fear is largely false in aspect because at some point in our past, the current known was the unknown; and we conquered it.

What is now required is to develop a strong, clear inner awareness if you’re seeking to transform your life. Everything in life is governed by the natural Law of Motion. This is responsible for regulating your inner evolution which eventually manifests in your world. You can have separate relationships with your old and with your new friends or activities. Sometimes the lines will cross and mingle. You, however, have added interesting events to your life and will feel refreshed and renewed.

In other words, your inner development determines the outer changes around you. The outer changes affect other areas of your life and bring a new zest into what you write.


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