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Today I Lost my Glasses

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Today I lost my glasses but they were never really lost. I recently had to finally admit to myself that I need
my reading glasses more often than I care to admit. So I went down to local drugstore and purchased a pair..
These look really pretty I told myself. Trying hard not to focus on the aging issue. So I wear my glasses for the
usual reading, writing, baking, when I need a recipe. Today I decided to do some writing. I managed to pry the
laptop out of my teenager's lap with time restrictions of course. Then I seek some quiet time in a peaceful corner
in my bedroom near a bright window and a comfy chair that I've set up for reading. I go over my checklist : laptop, chair,no spill cup of tea, what's missing my glasses. So I look everywhere for my glasses, nowhere in my room. All this while fully aware that my teenager will be expecting, what has become and extension of her lap lately, back in her
room before she misses the latest post on who said what on twitter. Where could my glasses be? . I yell to the kids upstairs has anyone seen my glasses they confirmed they have not seen them. I decide to give one last look in my room before giving up on writing so I check my dresser drawer and I catch a glimpse of my face in the mirror. I laughed so hard I could not talk, The kids of course leave their oh= so- important thing that they are doing upstairs to
find out what I am laughing at, Me. No need to explain they can plainly see the glasses on my face yes they were there all along. Which now leaves me to my next dilemma: I am forgetful , and yes I am getting old.


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