Touched By An Angel

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Exactly how many ways are there to say, “Button the lips, please!”

And about how many times in all those many ways, do you have to say it before the message computes! Argh!

While having dinner last night, Gussie, otherwise known as “Girl Interrupted, Again!” brought the conversation to a screeching halt—again.

Again, it was just as I was about to get to the highlight of the point that I was making.

How does she do that? How does she know exactly when the worst possible time to interrupt is? I know that this is not an accident, because it happens all of the time.

“O.K., Missy. You have exactly five more words left that you can say to me tonight. Five words so—choose them wisely!”

(There I did it. I had found another way to say it!)

Later on that night as I sat working at my desk, “Girl Interrupted, Again” peaks her head around the corner and says:

“Iloveyou verymuch.”

And then she whispers, as she walks away,“Five words mom. I listened to you and I chose to use them wisely.”

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