Touching Your D-Spot (Destiny)

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We are standing at an unprecedented time in history. The collective future of humanity truly depends on igniting the full potential of women and girls. It’s clear that now is the time for women to step into leadership in unprecedented ways. 

We are developing a new paradigm of leadership, moving beyond competition into collaboration, so we can support each other in speaking our truth and shining our brightest light in the world.

We are co-creating a world where we bring together: caring and economics, pleasure and health, love and power, sexuality and creativity, receptivity and dynamism. We are the ones who are being called to lead this shift by leading from the place of harmony and balance within our selves. 

But many of us also feel a bit overwhelmed and unprepared. We may not be clear on exactly where we want to make a contribution.  And even if we are clear, we may not know quite where to begin or how to step into our calling. 

It seems that many of us have yet to connect in with our Destiny Spot or “D-Spot.” I define the D-Spot at that place where four key factors meet:

  1. Our passion to make a difference in a particular arena
  2. Our skills and talents
  3. The needs of our community (however large or small you define it)
  4. Our authentic self (the unique being that you are)

The place where these four factors converge for you is the place where you connect with your destiny this lifetime. As you connect to this D-Spot, it’s important to give yourself time and space to dream into what being there would look and feel like for you. Personally, I love to journal or make art and allow my creative self to have free reign. As my friend Jen Siebel Newsom, said to me recently, “If you can see it, you can be it!”  So I literally let myself see the vision on paper.

My colleague Elayne Doughty and I have been using the visual of a pyramid with a square base to describe this D-Spot model. The four faces of the pyramid are the four factors described above. And the top of the pyramid is the D-SPOT!

The base of the pyramid is made up of the practices that serve as our foundation—those daily things we do for ourselves to keep us nourished and fueled, so we can each be radiant beings in the world.  See my earlier article on 13 Daily Tips for more details on these daily practices.

Of course, it’s not always so easy to reach the D-Spot.  As we allow ourselves to dream into our vision for our lives, there’s often immediate resistance that arises.  This resistance can take many forms, but a few common ones include baggage from the past as well as our thoughts and beliefs about what’s possible for us in this lifetime. 

There’s a number of great processes out there to deal with these limiting beliefs. A few good ones include the Sedona Method, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping exercises), and my friend Lion Goodman’s “Belief Closet.”  I hear Byron Katie has some good stuff here too, as well as Mary Morrissey (she just did a teleseminar on this topic).

In any case, as you clear the blockages and connect with your D-Spot, a pathway begins to stretch out before you. Synchronicities lead you in a certain direction that is aligned for your soul. You feel a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in finding how you were meant to serve.

So let’s all go for it! Each woman’s, vision, voice, inspiration, creativity, and passion is needed at this time. Connected to our wisdom and our love, we are called to take grounded action in the service of our world. 

It is time for us to each step into our full feminine radiance and offer our deepest gifts—in connection with others who are doing the same. Together, we can create the lives we truly want to live and a world that works for all.

*To dive into this topic more deeply, check, out the Inspiring Women Leadership Program and the Inspiring Women Summit.


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