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Train Called Life

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We’re all on a train going somewhere. Some days it feels like a bullet train going the speed of light and some days it feels like an old cargo train puttering along. The question is, do you know your train’s final destination? Do you know why you are on the train that you are on? Are you on that train with people that you enjoy? Is the pace what you’d like it to be? Does the scenery inspire you?

Most of us took a running leap onto a fast train that we thought that we “should” hop on to. Its the train of “acceptance,” “status quo,” and “stability,” or as I call it the Safe Train. It runs right on time, good service, nice enough people and its easy.

What would your life be like if you hopped off of that Safe Train? What train would you hop on? Would it be fast or slow? Where would the final destination be? Who would be on it? What would your days be like?


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