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Transforming Your Personality

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Most people ignore the power of dream interpretation according to the scientific method, believing that it is similar to all the suppositions of all dream interpreters who ignore the real meaning of the dream symbols. The real meaning of dreams was discovered by the psychiatrist Carl Jung, as I was able to prove by continuing his research, and discovering much more.

Today dream interpretation is not considered a science, but a collection of opinions, and this is why it is under-estimated. However, when you learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams with the scientific method of dream interpretation, which I have transformed into a simple method of dream translation, you observe that the dream messages are very important, since they give you information and guidance about crucial matters of your life, besides curing you from all mental illnesses.

By translating the meaning of dreams you enter inside your own psyche, observing its functionalism, and understanding why you react the way you do, transforming your personality. Many people have managed to overcome old traumas that they didn't even know were still causing them insecurity and absurd fears, only thanks to dream therapy.

I was able to overcome schizophrenia before losing my conscience because I precisely obeyed the unconscious guidance in my dreams. I discovered that I had the personality of a dictator, and that I had inherited too much absurdity in the wild side of my conscience, learning how to eliminate my poisonous ego and pay attention to my atrophied feelings, because I was a real slave of my psychological type, which worked only based on my rationalism, completely despising my feelings and sensations.

I had only very light intuitions helping me judge reality, which were also suffocated by my thoughts. This means that my personality was one-sided and absurd, and I could only become schizophrenic like my father, if I had not passed through psychotherapy through dream interpretation.

I have helped a great many people through dream therapy after finding balance and wisdom in the dream messages. Everyone is very grateful for having discovered the unconscious psychotherapy in their own dreams, because they have found true mental health that lasts for life.

Everyone is one-sided, because each one of us belongs to a specific psychological type, which works based only on one psychological function, despising the other ones. Some people give more importance to their feelings, other people to their sensations, to their intuitions, or to their thoughts like me.

However, everyone has to learn how to use all their psychological functions; this is why dream interpretation as a science is a very serious and indispensable occupation.

Translating your dreams and following the unconscious guidance, you'll start using all your psychological functions and capacities. This is how you'll build an extraordinary personality, finding happiness in life.

You'll discover by yourself a million more reasons why the occupation with the meaning of your dreams is necessary, as you learn how to exactly translate the meaning of all dreams, verifying that this knowledge is really a powerful privilege that saves lives, giving hope and real relief to the entire humanity.


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