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Transitions in Life

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Transitions come in life to lead us on a new journey. Sometimes we have years to prepare and other times it happens in a blink of an eye. I am going through one of those transitions right now.

I fall in the category of the Sandwich Generation. This meaning I’m in between the Baby Boomers and Generation X. Well, technically I’m a Baby Boomer, but the very end. I will be caring for my parents in the future, my son has gone off to college, and my daughter has yet to hit puberty. I’ve had years to prepare for this transition, yet it seems to have happened so quickly.

I went to a workshop last July while my son was getting his fall class schedule. The speaker was an excellent teacher, meaning he grabbed my attention and kept it there. He said that we had all probably shared our college stories and experiences with our rising freshman. Then he said, “Stop it!” He reminded us that we went to college over twenty years ago! Well, I knew he was right, but what a jolt. Was it really that long ago?

This week my daughter and I finished her study of the 1960s. Dressed in her “hippie” clothes and carrying my Beatles albums, she stood in front of her class and told of the assassinations of Kennedy and Martin Luther King. She was able to talk about Neil Armstrong, Woodstock, and the Vietnam War. All these things being just photos, text in books, and the wonderful world of Wikipedia. But for me ... memories.

I’m actually looking at my current transition in a positive light. I can have conversations with my parents without feeling too much like a kid. I can hang out with my son without feeling too much like a parent and my daughter sort of thinks I’m cool. This all depending on the day and current mood conditions. Not too shabby for this Sandwich ... late Baby Boomer ... early Generation X gal!


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