The Treadmill Is a Little Like Life

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We all get so comfortable and used to running on the treadmill of life, that we never stop to decide what we actually want to accomplish.
Whatever it may be, you have to decide. We can all get preoccupied with running on the treadmill of life … NOT living consciously, fully present.

Don’t lose sight of your path; too often it goes undiscovered. It can get overgrown with distractions and can become hard to find if our time is spent on too many other things.

Get off the treadmill and just go for it!

After taking care of everyone else, they are always putting themselves last on the list, and often have very little left to give. There are many women who aren’t living—they just exist.

You have to step out of your comfort zone and do something different if you want the results in your life to change.


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