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True Happiness Found

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Many people, upon learning that I endured four and a half years of homelessness and subsequent poverty since my accident marveled at my high level of happiness. I've been on both ends of the financial spectrum, and since losing my former career and earning power to brain injury, I've learned that TRUE happiness can't be found by using your God-given talents to store up money/treasures for yourself. True happiness occurs when we use our talents to bless others, honor God, and store up treasures in heaven.

My little girl was three when we lost our home and family in a tragic series of events that left us homeless. After the initial shock wore off, the task of putting back the pieces of our shattered lives loomed ahead. Piece by piece, day by day my life started to get back to a new normal. This normal was different that my last, however.

I didn't have "stuff" or "things" to distract me, and God's awesome beauty and natural wonders abounded! We spent much more time outdoors, doing free things...going to the beach, the forest, and appreciating the priceless gifts that He gives us everyday--gifts that we often miss for the clutter and busyness of our lives.

Nature's bounty filled us up with joy and that joy spilled over into wanting to do more for others. We didn't have anything to give in the material sense, but we had a desire and heart for giving; and we needed to start right where we were. So we started writing little "love notes" and standing out in front of the local grocery store and shared them with the people who came through the doors; letting them know that we (and God) loved them. We left our notes on car windshields, hoping that we blessed another somewhere along the way. We volunteered at animal shelters, offering to love on the canine/feline residents until their forever family was found. We prayed for others who had it much worse than ourselves.

And all the while, God blessed us richly through his abundance and grace. Oh, we were still homeless, but we were richer than we could ever have imagined. If you ask my little girl today about her fondest childhood memories, it wouldn't take her long to tell you that the best memories created were those created in our homelessness. I agree. A simple life is one that is full of rich blessings--but we need to clear the clutter and noise out of our lives in order to truly appreciate them.

If the storms of life blew through your life and took away every material thing you'd ever worked for--could you still be happy?? Sure it may take a while...but in the end, could you honestly say it doesn't matter and be happy blessing others with the talents that remained?

~Kimberly Carnevale
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