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A True Healing

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Sometimes in life, things happen that make you stop and realize that God is truly real and that it is he that makes things better for you. I know that, in this day and age, you may think that true healing does not happen—but for me, it did. When asked to go on a concentration fast with my church, I wanted to take the time to seek God for a few things that had been going on lately in my life a few days into this fast I had a minor stroke. The stroke was a result of Lupus because that condition I had the stroke. I woke up in the hospital not being able to use my right arm and my right leg.

While on this fast, I had been participating in a conference prayer every night before I had the stroke—even the night I went to the hospital, I called in to the prayer line. The first night I was home I called into the prayer line and God just Blessed me to get on the line with a man of God (as I was). I talked to him; he asked me to release my faith to be healed. This man of God prayed for me and instantly I was healed. I do mean instantly. I can now move my arm and my leg as well as I can sit here and type this letter.

I am so blessed. I thank God. I bless the name of Jesus I know that if it were not for Him I would not have been healed. I am truly grateful. Not only have I been healed but God has also been more real to me now I look at life differently now than I did before. I am grateful for the chance to be whole and able to more all of my limbs. I have two small children and the thought of not being able to put both of my arms around them was so depressing to me. I want all people who are sick or who have some sort of pain in their bodies to know that God is a healer. He can change your life if you simple let Him. Jesus is waiting—are you ready to answer?


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