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True Life

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Great mystics have said that if we knew the way things really are, we would fall down laughing at what nonsense our fears and anxieties have been. It’s as if we were starving in the midst of a banquet.

Everything we do in life is a path to peace, happiness and fulfillment. True life—rich, rewarding, and fulfilling life—is inside us. So why do the vast majority of us look outside ourselves for those things? We think that when have the perfect mate, the perfect job, lots of money, we will have those feelings.

I think we look outside ourselves because we don’t have a clue what’s inside. Our glass is not half full; it’s brimming over. It’s like the man who traveled around the world looking for diamonds only to discover they were in his own backyard. Every time we look outside ourselves our glass gets a little emptier until there is nothing there.

This, then, will lead to fear, anxiety, and stress. The fear, anxiety, and stress will manifest physical ailments. Then we will go to a doctor who will treat the ailment but not the cause. Medicine is a science but health is a state of mind.

If you were to go back in time and tell a caveman that man has gone to the moon, he would not believe you. It is too incomprehensible to him. But man has gone to the moon. We have come such a long way in our physical world, but we have not advanced two centimeters in our spiritual growth.

As long as men hate, there will be wars. As long as man is ignorant of his true nature, there will be poverty, hunger, and disease. We find a cure for one disease and another one shows up. From the beginning of time until now, we have not figured out how to resolve conflict peaceably; we have not figured out how to abolish poverty, hunger, and disease. We are, in this area, as unevolved as the caveman.

In short, we have no clue how the spirit world works. Most of us believe that we are bodies with a soul, but we are souls inhabiting bodies. If we were to reverse our focus from the physical to the spiritual we could make our world a paradise.

All the negative things that mankind suffers are manifestations of his mind. If you think you have bad luck, you do; if you think you have good luck, you do. You can tell pretty much what the majority of people think by the state the world is in.

If you were to tell modern man that he can fly, he would not believe you. It is too incomprehensible to him. Our bodies are limited but our spirits are not. So why do we spend so much time on our physical world and so little on our spirits, where our true power lies?

Why do we struggle so much? Partly because we think it is normal. It is not. God did not create us to struggle. He sees no merit in it whatsoever.

When Jesus walked the earth and performed miracles, he said to us, “Why are you amazed? All this and more can you do.” But who among us believes that we can heal the sick, raise the dead and walk on water. It is this disbelief that cripples us. I believe that Jesus came to show us what we are capable of. But we are like the cavemen who cannot comprehend this.

Science tells us that we are only using about 10 percent of our brains. I often think of the 90 percent of our potential wasting away.

If we had any idea how beautiful and powerful we are, we would not waste so much time on fleeting, materialistic things. There are universes inside of us waiting to be explored, powers to be mined and joys to behold. You are the most interesting, fascinating person you will ever know.

Shakespeare said, “Know thyself.” When I first read that, I understood on some level, what he meant. But at the time I first read it, I didn’t know anything about myself. Now I know, from experience, what he meant.

When you know yourself, the world becomes a magical place. You love everybody and you get that love right back. And love is all there is.

When you truly know yourself, you truly love yourself. And when you truly love yourself, you love everybody.

“So love everybody, and make them your friend.”—The Moody Blues


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