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The True Path to Healing All of Your Emotional Pain

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Today I want to share with you from my heart and my passion. I want to touch you if you need that and sparkle hope into some darkness. I pray you’ll feel my love.

Some of my clients come to me because they want to lose weight.

It seems so plain and simple.

They’ve tried just about every diet, yo-yoed, been depressed. Given up a few times.

Mostly they’re quite desperate.

I tell them straight up, “I don’t do diets. I refuse to give you any more ammunition that you can hurt yourself with. I do it differently.”

Some come because they are fed up with being fed up or stuck. Lost in the lives they simply aren’t even living.

Some join up and some don’t.

Healing isn’t for everybody. And that’s okay. Really.

But I’m getting off track….

What I deeply want to share with you today, from my Soul to yours, is the fundamental point diets miss. The absolutely crucial point, for me, in ever attaining happiness. Self acceptance. Love. Abundance. Joy. Peace.

I’m talking about reclaiming and loving your Inner Child. That part of you that has been rejected and neglected by you for so very long.

She’s waiting for your acceptance. She’s longing to be loved and held and played with. She longs to feel safe. She aches to be noticed. She cringes at the shame she feels. She tries to hide from the pain she feels.

She waits — not always patiently — to be heard, to be seen, to be validated.

You see, when we are stuck in unserving patterns, be they with food, relationships, alcohol, cigarettes, there’s a deep underlying need that isn’t being met. These behaviors plug the need. They don’t address or heal it, they plug it. Like a band aid. And as the need increases, the need to fill the gaping wound increases.

I am saddened by the amount of gastric surgery that is recommended for compulsive eaters. Tell me, please, when you cut your stomach out and you can’t hold the binge, what happens to your unmet need? What happens to that sadness or frustration or anger that drove you to eat in the first place? It’s still there. So, while vomitting up the cakes or ice-cream or whatever, how are you feeling about yourself now?

Yes I’m ranting. But it’s because I care so much.

Women who eat for reasons other than hunger need to address these reasons at that level.

It all begins with that little baby girl feeling good enough, worthy, safe, loved, acceptable. So, this is no one step trick — but it’s a beautiful start you can give yourself.

I’d love for you to write a letter to the infant you, welcoming her — welcoming You into this world. How yAct as a mother figure. Tell her how grateful you are, how excited you are. Tell her everything you would have wanted to know, hear and experience. Shower her with love. Delicious hugs and kisses in your words. Let her know how wanted she is.

How you will protect her. You will comfort and cherish her. Tell her how perfect she is. What a blessing and a gift she is.

By doing this, you begin to rewire your brain. You reprogram your neural networks to start experiencing love, being wanted, joy, excitement. This is the first step in your Journey home. To the haven that houses your infant, toddler, child, adolescent, young adult, woman.

This work is crucial. And it can be magnificent even through the pain. You see, whatever pain comes up, well, you have already lived through it. It’s already been stored in your cells. Now, coming back, coming home, you unlock those cellular memories with love and healing energy so that they can be released and replaced with all the goodness you deserve and desire.

And then you begin to shift patterns from within. This is when you make healthy loving choices for yourself. This is when you start to drop the guilt, the deprivation, shame, self blame, punishment.

This is where the healing you deserve begins. You are worth it.

And this is the work I do. Because I know that pain. I neglected and rejected my little girl for so many years. I held on to the shame that I owned because of the actions of others. I ate to stop the pain. I turned to men to feel wanted and acceptable. I used medication to dull the agony and mood swings. On occassion Vodka became a last resort to blank out the invisibility.

There is another way. A real way. A way that holds you and loves you and frees you. This is what I offer you.


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