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The Truth Might Suck Sometimes However It Does Set You Free

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The truth will set you free is a statement that is thrown around quite a bit. Think about it though... if the truth sets you free then anything that is not true is binding. Uhh... dieting anyone?

Yeah, yeah, yeah we all know dieting sucks and feels like crap. Which means it's not our truth (meaning the way we are meant to live forever), yet we still do it. And we understand it's temporary, and we still do it.

Think about other places in your life where you are feeling restricted or binded... is it in alignment with your highest truth and purpose? My guess would be no. So then why do it?

How do you know if you are in your truth? It's very simple...

Does it feel good.... or bad? It's seriously that simple. When you get the idea in your mind to do something and you do it... does it feel good or bad? When you decide not to do it... does it feel good or bad?

When you skip your work out... do you feel better because you needed the rest or worse because your body craved that movement? Whatever the answer is, don't judge it, just listen to it.

Remember, the truth will always set you free.. so why live any other way?

If you don't know your truth sit down in a quiet place and ask yourself:

If I didn't have fear, anxiety, stress, worry or doubt who would I be? How would I show up? What would I do differently?

If I didn't care what people thought of me and I didn't need to be liked and/or approved of, how would I show up differently?

If I lived my life as my highest self, completley connected to source at all times, what would that look like?

Once you have your answers, begin living from this place intentionally every single day. It will change your life and it feels fan-freakin-tastic!


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