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Turn Your Soul On

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What makes you happy, truly happy? What moves and inspires you? What turns your soul on?

Do you know? Are you willing to discover or learn? At different times or phases of life, we usually have different dreams, needs, and desires. And that’s why it’s a worthy exploration, whether you are asking the question for the first time or for the hundredth.

The secret to living a joyful and more fulfilling life is to do more of what you love everyday. Do you know what that is and do you make time for it?

No matter how old you are or what you are doing, a great question to ask yourself is, “What turns my soul on?” This may be different from what you need or want and from what interests or excites you.

In the end, which will arrive way too soon, will you be able to honestly say, “I lived my life and I loved it”? And since life is made up of precious days filled with precious moments, what are you doing today to create this?

I heard someone recently talk about the “golden handcuffs” syndrome to describe making a good living while doing something that was unfulfilling. It’s hard to walk away simply because you aren’t passionate or satisfied. We may fear what others will think of us, judge or tell ourselves we should just be grateful for what we have.

What an amazing practice to truly be grateful for our lives, our family, and our friends. How beautiful to count our blessings. And perhaps one of the great gifts to appreciate is our ability to choose. You can say yes and you can say no. Sure life often requires compromise but I believe to sacrifice our happiness is not the purpose of life.

My invitation to you (and to myself) this month, is to get really honest with ourselves. How much time in any given day are you happy and/or doing what you love? Part of this is a gratitude practice, appreciating what we have, where we are, and what we’re doing. But it’s also about discernment. Where are you frittering away your precious life doing what truly is out of alignment with your Soul?

Take a little break today or this week to ask, “At the level of my heart and Soul, what truly turns me on?” Do your best to make space for the answer, your answer, your wisdom, your truth. Let it bubble up from inside of you and capture it in a journal. We have the amazing gift of beginning life anew each moment and that moment for you may be now.


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