Two Types of People

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You know that saying, “There are two types of people in the world.” Well I recently was digging around on personality traits and found some interesting news. There are two types of people in this world, and a third, the in-between kind of person. These are the extroverted and introverted personalities and then a third type which I like to call the introverted extrovert, a mixed breed.

The extrovert is an outgoing and social person, more so than the introverted type. An extrovert by definition is someone more interested and concerned about their surroundings then themselves. This however does not make them any less selfless than an introverted person.

The introvert is a person that hides away inside themselves; this does not mean they are socially challenged, though. They could easily have more friends than an extrovert but, are more willing to think about their own thoughts and ponder their own questions rather than socialize. Introverts are sadly deemed by society a nutcase, kind of like that person everybody calls the “bag lady” because they often refuse huge invitations and are content with their own lives.

The mixed breed is a person who shows both signs have an extrovert and introvert personality. This does not make them bipolar, split personality, or any other form of mental illness. It simply means that they are social but also quite happy with their own time as well.

*Mixed breed is not the official title given to this personality.


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