In Two Weeks It Will All Be Different

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I have been recently contemplating the concept of change. It is inevitable, and everything will change. I see it happen all the time, just when you think that something is going to be one way, Boom!, it is totally different! And I will always say to myself … I did not see that coming at all! I spend so much time and energy trying to control the outcome of life and usually it is never how I would have pictured it to be. A friend once told me that in two weeks, it will all be different. I often reflect on this statement and think that he is right; it will usually be different and life starts to run its course. It reminds me of seasons, eventually the will change and time will go on. I read once where they compared memories to a movie. You would not watch the same movie you did not like twice, so why would you keep playing the same bad memory over and over?

I feel like all these reflections lead me to one thing: change will always happen, and that it is coping with change that you need to constantly work on to improve the quality of life. There will always be ups and downs in life, but how you handle the situation will determine your quality of life …


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