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Uncomplicate Your Life: Snow Perspective

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Fresh Snow:
There is nothing to me like a fresh snowfall. I am fortunate enough to live in a forest, and when the snow falls gently and sticks to all of the trees, it is a winter wonderland. The world transforms. In the summer our forest is extremely dense, you literally cannot see “the trees for the forest”. When fall approaches the forest explodes in colour. As the leaves start to fall, the density opens up, light filters through. When the snow falls, its blanket both brightens and quiets this ever-changing world.

The Seasons of Life:
Sometimes I feel life is much the same. There are times in our lives where we are so busy, we cannot see the trees for the forest, we cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel. But if we are patient with ourselves and slowly start to learn to let go of all of the “doings” in our lives, we will start to experience an open, calmness.

Is Your Life Too Complicated?
My experience with many of my clients and women in midlife is that they are too busy. Life is too complicated. Yet, they are having difficulty letting go of the tasks they feel they must do. At some point, it becomes too much. This can lead to stress, illness and depression.  Like the trees in the forest, if they let go of the leaves, the beautiful snow will not weigh them down. It will bring calm, peace and openness to all of the wonderful, exciting opportunities that lay ahead of them in the second half of their lives.

My questions for you today are: 

  • Is there one leaf, one task, one to-do that you can let go of today?
  • Can you begin to let more light into your life?
  • When will you embrace the beautiful, assured calm and opportunity that comes with midlife?

I am going to go bundle up and take the dog for a walk and enjoy this beautiful winter day. I am sure there is something on my to-do list that can wait.


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