Union of Body, Mind, and Spirit

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Spring is the time to rejuvenate the body, revitalize the spirit, and relax a mind frazzled by the stressors of a long winter season. What better than to indulge in the quiet of a spa treatment or full body massage? Ways to refresh are varied so select one that speaks directly to your center. The idea is to simply pamper yourself. You know you deserve it!

Here is a short list of specialties available at most full-service spa facilities. Reconnect your best self by taking a physical and spiritual path home.

Massage is one of deep relaxation of the body and mind.

  • Therapeutic massage treats muscles to relieve stress and tenderness.
  • Hot stone massage promotes relaxation by lying either hot or alternating cold stones on sites along the spine to open energy pathways.
  • Yoga massage includes stretches for the client.
  • Reflexology massage contains applied pressure points to parts of the body, especially the hands and feet, to bring comfort and relaxation to the entire system.
  • Couple massage is side by side treatments that allow for reconnections.
  • Pre-Natal massage is specialized for the needs of a mom-to-be and is safe for baby.

Body care treatments are designed to pamper the body’s largest organ, the skin!

  • Body brushing is something that can be done at home daily before showers or baths or as a treat, a therapist can perform to assist circulation and to release toxins from the lymphatic system.
  • Scrubs are full exfoliation treatments that renew and stimulate the entire body.
  • Wraps also stimulate toxins that are expelled leaving your skin feeling renewed.
  • Facials awaken facial muscles and can treat oily, dry, acne, or aging skin.

Hands and nails can also be enhanced using manicures or pedicures that cleanse, refresh, or exfoliate. Each treatment can change your look as well as your outlook on life!

To make the most of your experience plan ahead by making an appointment on a day you have the time to enjoy the engagement. Arrive early so you are not overly stressed upon arriving. And remember, this is all about you! Enjoy the renewed commitment to healthy living and a transformed you!


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