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I feel the need to write
Tho I haven’t a clue as to what!
I just feel the need tonight
To set free my every thought.

There is so much inside of me
A tangled web of pain
Emotions that are strangling me
Constricting my every vein.

I know I am a Being of Light
Tho I somehow refuse to shine
I just feel the need tonight
To release the fears that bind

Bind me to this darkness
Enchain my heart, my soul, my mind
Oh, sweet release, help me let go
Allow my soul, once more, to shine.

Soon I’ll face the break of day
And tomorrow shall be born
Give me the strength to find the way
To weather the fury of this storm.

I feel the need to write tonight
To take a pen in hand
An overwhelming urge to cite
This fragile state I’m in.

Dear God, forgive my weakness
For deep inside I know I am not alone
But how my humanness does tremble
At the thought of a motherless home.

And, yes, I know that I am truly blessed
To have had a mother as wonderful as she
Please forgive my soul’s duress
And this weakness enveloping me.

But most of all I beg You please,
And this on bended knee.
Please don’t allow her pain nor suffering
This is all I ask of Thee.

I offer You my deepest gratitude,
For the blessing of making me a part
Of one of Your most greatest creations
Thank You from the bottom of my broken heart.

I promise You that I shall be strong
And my faith, though shaken, shall not falter.
I promise You I shall make You proud
For I am my mother’s daughter.


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