For Us

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Who really understands us…

Who really sees us for what we are…

No one knows our deepest thoughts

No one realizes our deepest fears and if they did…

Would they care?

Or would our feelings be manipulated, used and stepped on?

I walk this unpaved cobblestoned road in my red four inch heels pulling down my denim mini skirt, sweat down my back behind my white, tied back, tank top just hoping…


That the outside will protect my inside

That my facade will fool the fools and those that are good will see my shine and, in turn, we will see each other in God’s light

Thank you for being a complete stranger on the other side…left, right….

I’m never on either side

Never anywhere really and today I feel the same same as yesterday and the day before and the day before that


Crazy to not know you, but I yearn to share it is my calling I know that now safe…

I play it safe sometimes

Although i rarely feel safe

Maybe it’s cause your far away and it helps to be disconnected

I’m tired of hiding inside myself

It’s way too much work and it’s not even worth it

Thank you for reading, thank you for listening, thank you because we may never meet

We may never speak but I’ve already given you a peek inside the craziness I call me and you…

Somewhere…you…can see a little bit of what I’m tryin’ to be


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