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Use Stress as a Tool to Make Life Changes

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Anxiety is the body’s reaction to stress. Stress is not the problem with most people; anxiety is. Stress cannot always be anticipated or managed. However, our anxiety, or reaction to stress, can be controlled using various techniques as we understand the exactly what is happening.

Using stress as a positive tool helps to manage some of life’s difficulties. It can be a positive force in some instances. Your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong. If you listen and make some changes, the outcome will always be different.

At the very least, your body is trying to tell you that the same old self-defeating routines you are using do not work any more. The anxiety caused by stress could be a way of saying that you need to make changes and either slow down or change directions. It can be the light at the end of the tunnel that results in a healthier life and increased self-confidence.

During the process, it is possible to dig up the old mindset rules and replace them with new standards that focus on more fulfilling ways to live. The old rules don’t work because they are limiting and lead to fear of change. That fear causes restrictions and loss of sight of the things you really want.

Managing anxiety involves learning how to make it work toward a positive outcome instead of the negative anger, dependency, and depression. Recognize it as a warning signal that the old life path isn’t working and a new path needs to be formed. By recognizing the things that cause hurt and defeat, steps can be taken to turn in a different direction.

In some cases, it is as simple as speaking up and verbalizing the underlying cause. Once it is out in the open, the groundwork is set for change. Fear and intimidation are minimized and reasonable demands can be started toward solving the problem.

Most people can make small changes once identified. Then, as each step is seen as beneficial and healthy, confidence grows to make more changes. Eventually, a healthy lifestyle is achieved and anxiety is lessened. It is the fear of that first step that holds some people back. They are more comfortable in their old familiar stress and are anxious about what they don’t know.

Taken as small steps, some of that fear is manageable; and a constructive cycle of change begins to dislodge a negative lifestyle. Each positive change is seen as a reward and is the building block for the next one. Fear is replaced by optimism and hope as resources of experience and strength are accumulated.

There will always be stress in our lives. However, the anxiety and fear associated with it can be minimized by recognizing the root problem and taking steps to make changes where possible. Turning a negative into a positive empowers people to live the life they envision. Stress can be used to soar to new heights or it can cripple the spirit into inaction and fear.

It is all about choices. Having the ability to make life changing decisions allows for full realization of strengths and minimizes emotional dependency. Reaching down inside and finding answers and then taking steps to deploy those constructively builds confidence and courage. People are then able to confront the stress and change the attitudes that undermine well-being. 


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