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Using Healing Tones in Everyday Life

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As a Reiki practitioner, I ask the vibrational tones of the Universal energy of Reiki and other frequencies to interact with my clients’ energy. This allows for deep inner communication that opens the pathways to healing.

While Reiki has its own unique vibration, I found that some clients were unable to sense the vibrational aspects and connect deeply with the healing energies of the Universe. 

Since one of my main goals in sharing and raising awareness about Reiki is self-empowerment, I thought that adding vibrational tones to the Reiki sessions would help people to make a vital connection between their own unique energy and the healing energy of the Universe.

So I began incorporating tones into Reiki sessions. This can be done in several ways, some of which can easily be incorporated into meditation and self-healing sessions.

One way to incorporate sound into your daily meditative time is by using your voice. For example, if you have low back pain, a helpful focus point would be your Sacral Chakra, located an inch or two below your belly button. 

Place your hands on your Sacral Chakra, either both hands in front or one in the front and one on your back, at the hips and hum or tone sounds. It’s helpful to have the ego and logical mind out of the way when toning. Logic may insist, for instance, that you believe you can’t sing or that you don’t know what tones to use.  

Let go and trust the Universe to guide you in what tones to use. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful sounds coming from your very own throat. Singing and toning is also good for your diaphragm muscle, right below your rib cage, that supports your voice and gives strength to your Throat Chakra to help you speak your truth.

Another way to add healing tones to your daily self-healing practice is to sing to the part of your body or soul that needs attention. When I stubbed my toe, for example, I immediately reached down and wrapped my hands around the painful toe. I started singing to it as well.

As with toning, just let whatever words and melody come out that want to come. I sang something like, “Oh, poor little toe! I’m so sorry I bumped you! I hope you will feel better soon. I love you. I care about you. I promise to take better care of you in the future. Thank you, toe!”

Another way to use tones in your daily life is to use bells or singing bowls. Bells come in all sizes from tiny bells that you can tie onto a string, to medium-sized “jingle bells” that make a bright, cheerful tone, to large bells with lower tones. 

Bells are fairly inexpensive so are a good choice to begin your toning collection. Singing bowls are usually made of copper or crystal. A small copper bowl may cost $30 or so, a small crystal bowl may cost up to $100.

Copper bowls have pure, bright tones and “sing” well when rubbed with the wooden stick that is included with the bowl. These bowls don’t tend to continue singing unless you are actively rubbing the bowl, though.

Crystal bowls are usually made from quartz. They range in tone from a C all the way up the scale. Their tones can be clear and bright or rich and throbbing. Once you get a crystal bowl to sing, its vibrations continue for one to several minutes, sending healing tones deep into your body.

Another way to add healing tones to your daily self-healing practice is to use tuning forks.

As an Acutonics ™ Level II practitioner, I use medical-grade tuning forks to send tones directly into the body. Medical-grade tuning forks are tuned to correspond to the notes of each Chakra, which are tuned to the vibrations that come from the Universe. The tuning forks look a little like piano tuning forks, but often have weighted ends. When activating a tuning fork, use a rubber pad called an activator to produce the strongest tones and to protect your body.

If you choose to purchase tuning forks, you can use them one at a time on your own body, though they’re usually used in pairs of notes called intervals when used in a healing session. Usually the Ohm or C# fork is used in combination with another fork. The intervals used are thirds, fifths, sixths, sevenths and octaves.

As you can see, there are many ways to add the healing support of vibrational tones to your daily life. Adding healing tones to your daily meditative or healing practice can help you to be more deeply connected to the healing energies of the Universe.


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