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vacation by myself

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I had a gold Nova, back in the early 80"s, it wasn't brand new, so i had it serviced before i went on my trip. There was a garage mechanic down the street who worked at Shell as his day job, i had him replace the belts and go over things to be more road worthy.

This man from work told me the Blue Ridge Parkway was a nice road trip to make. The worlds fair was being held in Tennesse that year, and i also wanted to see Virginia Beach. I had read advice articles about traveling alone, don't wear expensive jewlery, don't be daydreaming while your out and about, lots of good tips. If only i wouod have know more auto tips...

You know when the car light goes on in your dashboard that says engine trouble, they call it an idiot light for a reason. It's almost too late for help. I saw green fluid underneath the engine, i knew it was raditor fluid. I got a can of bars leak to fix the leak. This was a discount bandaid, and the problem was still there. A bit further down the road, a helpful mechanic put in another can of the stuff. He really should have known better.

The next garage i wentto, the guy said, "lets hose the engine down and take a further look." after doing that, we saw the hose had a leak underneath it. Upon further investigation, he found the wrong size hose had been installed, it was too big, and when i hit a bump, it got cut on the wheel for the belts. He repaced the hose and sent me on my way with best wishes.

If words could make wishes come true... further down the road i had more problems. Here i met Billie, a young garage mechanic who ended up taking my radiator to this old man up on the hill who fixed radiators. I had two bad spots, which he fixed. I made it driving a few more hours on my way home when the idiot light returned, and i pulled over in PA and had steamcoming out of the engine. I had a send help sign, i stood on the side of the road with it, in my pink shorts and matching striped skimpy tank top with it. truckers blew their horns at me.

Finally, a older couple stopped and gave me a ride to the toll booth to call for help.They stopped because the man wanted to know where did i get the sign. A tow truck was called and we went to get my car, me and a young man named Terry.

the next hing i knew, iwas driving down country roads through corn fields. I started to get worried, i could never be seen from again. wher in the world was this garage? It turned out, it was on the corner of the corn fields. Whew, was i ever relieved. The secretary adopted me, Joan said all they had in this little bitty town was oneB&B, and i was staying at her house instead. Bless her heart, she and her family were a Godsend.

The next day, the mechanic gave me the news that the head was blown on my engine, due to all the radiator stuff i had all the problems with, the engine just got too hot. They gave me some big dollar estimates on repairs. I called my dar gear-head brother Jim for advise.

He told me he could get it done cheaper than that, and he would come and get me and tow me back. Thank God for brothers. They closed up the garage for the day, i sat outside waiting for my brother to show, it was getting dark, and i was in cornfield country, i was thinking he will never be able to find me out here.

He pulled up, and i felt so relieved. He told me i lite up like a Christmas tree whenhim and his buddy Jim came.

It was in the days before cellphones and GPS and those helpers in life we take for granted now.

I was blessed, i had a nice vacation until the drive home, i made it on myown, and met good people, who tried to help me. i had family, and was under the protection of God's angels iin all that happened to me.

It wasn't the perfect happy ending, but it was a learning and growing experience for living.


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