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A Very Good Day

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The smell of fresh bread baking.
A ray of sunshine creeps though
the blinds. As the alarms yells out the
warning that morning is here.

The sound of the shower running
as the steam fogs up the mirror. Eager
to get to the kitchen to sip a cup of Joe.
All are indications of a very good day.

The noise of the  neighbors as they
hurry off to work. Smells of diesel fuel
fills the air as a school bus passes by.
Birds chirping on a telephone wire. Oh,
my, my, are all indications of a good day.

Who can describe great? or Wonderful?
Or can describe the joy one feels when
life is given one more day? I surely can not.

God has given me an Inner peace
to accept the things, I can not change. 
There is no sadness to cause tears.
No longing to see a love one that has
passed away. No sickness that brings on
suffering. I can accept wars, death, and
goodbyes. And still have an unshakeable joy.

I can open my eyes to welcome the world
I reach my arms out to embrace it.
I look towards the heaven and Thank God
For giving me another chance to say.
It’s been a very good day.


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