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The Vibrational Ladder of Purpose by Sheevaun Moran

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The most common reason women are seeking to better themselves is because they want to live “on purpose,” meaning they want to be in line or working to develop their purpose for being, being here, and doing what they are doing.

One of the reasons that people are so unhappy in their life is that they are living out of alignment with their purpose. For example, you work as an investment banker and yet you really want to be selling custom furniture where you are the designer of some pieces. This is an actual situation from a client of mine and we identified many aspects of why she was so distraught and accident-prone and that she was living out of alignment with her purpose.

The highest high and best vibration is when you live on purpose. Even if you aren’t ready to completely live your purpose it’s a good idea to get that energetic charge of doing something that is line with your purpose. And if you don’t know your purpose then that’s where you want to look up and receive the help you’ve been begging for.

Here is a tip to get to your purpose and get that vibe and energetic charge:

  • My purpose is clear to me.
  • I am evolving toward my purpose with ease and Grace.
  • When I am living my purpose then I’ll feel that energy charge and recognize it, rather than ignore it.
  • I am the person who is in the flow and allowing purpose to flow with me and toward me.
Let me know what your purpose is and your thoughts on how you are acting “on purpose.”


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