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“If you constantly wait until tomorrow to take action you’ve already lost in the game of life.”

Putting off tasks will keep you stuck in a situation that may cause you unhappiness. These tasks are steps for you to reach the life that you desire. Many times we find it easier to put off things that we just don’t feel like dealing with. It seems harmless to put off a task but the future impact could be very large. One action has the power to change the complete structure of life as you know it. This is why in many cases a catastrophic event makes people view life differently.  The event changes the way a person perceives a certain task. Prior to their misfortune the task would have been pushed to the side for another day.

People who constantly complain about their jobs are ignoring an action that they should have completed some time ago. One of my uncles complained about a job for over two years. He was so stressed about his situation that he began to lose his hair. In one of his complaining moments he was talking to my mother. She told him that she didn’t want to hear him discussing it anymore and to do something about it. This would become a defining point to change his life. If he only would have taken action a little sooner he wouldn’t have been unhappy for so long. I believe that he always knew that he needed to take action but he was frozen by fear. The fear made him put off a task that he should have done some time ago. It has now been over ten years since my uncle left the job that was causing him pain. His demeanor and health have greatly improved and he is a totally different person.

Stop telling yourself that you will wait until your money situation gets better before going back to finish your degree. 

Stop telling yourself that you will call your parents tomorrow—call them today.

Stop telling yourself that life will get better at some point—perform an action to make your life better today.

Stop listening to negative people—listen to those who are positive.

Each small step you take leads to a bigger step.

Don’t let life beat you.


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