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Waiting to Exhale

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This was the title of what I call an insightful movie some time ago. Quiet often you see these kinds of movies that have the power to make you look inside, scrape your inner skin, and awaken that part of you that was asleep. It represents the power of unity and cohesiveness among women, no matter how different they are. This unity and oneness among them gives them the tools to surpass obstacles and model a brighter future where fears and tears are welcome as an integral part of life’s process towards the growth of the spirit. Unity, understanding, and unconditional love and acceptance; this is the key.

So this morning I woke up feeling the morning breeze and the tear drops falling from heaven. Along with them came a joyful feeling of awareness and satisfaction. I went back to last afternoon, when I had my colleagues over for lunch. I reviewed their words and laughter, the personal stories we shared. We all have our own. We create them through our beliefs and the heavy load we attach to our present and past experiences. All the stories were put together. On one corner, the mature lady who still feels the wounds of what looked like a happy, too long marriage that ended up in betrayal. Next to her the maker of illusions and silence, routine, and more silence. Probable love and high maintenance life was sitting next to her, the no trust but I’ll take it anyway. Finally, the one with many years, the unpredictable, the one who have learned the rules and benefits of giving and loving, sharing, and rejoice with the blessings of the present because there is no thing like been here, now.

You see, all of us, men and women, have our own stories. Some hang on to them for too long, blocking the amazing present the magic of gift giving. Some others just live, day-by-day, embracing the unexpected because there is the magic and the miracles, and the secrets of life as it is.

By the end of the day, I was recharged with new energy. To see them unleash their spirits and be happy showed me that there’s nothing better than the good times we share. We have been together, through thick and thin for many years now. We have wiped our tears and picture our smiles. To feel a hug with many silent words on it made me understand that some things endure no matter the time or circumstances. To feel the breath of the one you love so close knowing that is so far and still rejoice in that feeling without pain or regrets reinforced my beliefs that love is the force that drives us and make us better and better every day, no matter where that love stands.

Waiting to exhale? We all do it every single day. We exhale our dreams, our love, our memories, our struggles, our own selves. How we exhale? That makes the difference between happiness and sadness. How are you exhaling your life today?


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