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a warrior's love and grace

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a warrior's love and grace

i have this body mark near my heart
it says a lot of my life and past
i was a warrior hiding in the dark
awaiting unsuspecting foe to unleash my attack

i had left behind a wonderful love
she, of great soulful voice and prose
a lady who put my anxious mind in peace
with her soothing spell – this my sweet princess

from my faraway verdant farm
i'd been out with no love amidst my hardened band
in many battles in turbulent seas and no man's land
a guardian of peace in my kingdom from marauding tyrants

in one of my dreams in the battle field
i saw an omen that caught my distraught mien
a white knight came to my farm masquerading as a holy man
and thereby welcomed by my unsuspecting woman

my heartbeat pumped beyond my scarred breast
my mind twisted in seething rage
my flesh – all trembling – consumed by fear
and my breath almost choked me to death

i woke up with a chill and dread
my body, covered in tiny dews of sweats and tears
like a wilted flower saving its last breath
but nothing could save it from sure death

in my next battle in the field in fierce onslaught
i mustered all my might to end fast this killing feast
as i maimed enemies as they begged me on their knees
but i only let loose my unforgiving inner beast

victorious in countless battles
my body ached in scathing pain
with all the gushing wounds and scars
these, all foretold of another war in the offing

my victories did not offer a time to rejoice
as my past dream consumed my entire soul
no triumphant clarion call but only muted angst
as my dreary dream pierced my psyche, bursting in pangs

i went home welcomed victorious in my kingdom
but my princess sulked in the darkest nook of her room
gloomy as she was, disturbed and unsure of my coming home
in between sobs she'd offer repentance: my dream hit my dome

i had won all battles under the shrouded moon
yet i lost my greatest war in my own turf and home

but i would survive all these
i am a warrior too of the heart
full of love and grace


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