We Are What We Are

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Here, I wish to explore how Man became the selfish animal as we know him today. Contributions from all selfish animals are more than welcome. Any incidents, anecdotes, famous historical events, personal experiences, confessions—anything is welcome as far as they qualify for selfish act by men. Here is my contribution—

For last few years my wife and I have been addicted to chocolates. Now the rule is that we don’t eat more than one chocolate a day, and I mean one chocolate bar between two of us. We usually have it post-dinner. So some days she gets it from the fridge and breaks it into half and some days I do.

We love each other to death and would give our lives for each other at a drop of a hat, but I noticed that in all these years, not once has either of us been able to make a fair fifty-fifty division of the chocolate bar. Whoever breaks the chocolate always keeps the bigger portion for himself or herself. And one always breaks it so that one piece is bigger than the other.

I have struggled for years to get over this unfair practice but I am unable to and neither is my wife. Strangely, we are not so selfish in other spheres, but this one act brings out the selfish gene in us. And it does make me wonder that if I can’t divide a chocolate bar fairly with someone I love more than my own life, then what are the other selfish acts I am capable of?

I look forward to reading your contributions. Tally ho!


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