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The Weather Outside Is Frightful

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

I know it is not holiday time, but we are experiencing a mid January chill. It may get worse before it gets much better. We realize this could happen each January. For some of us living through the throes of it is a struggle. Post holiday, January provides us with too much time to think about what is not happening. There is no bustle, no holiday parties, and besides all that, the holiday bills arrive.

It is easy to feel dismal. But some people have real problems. With temperatures heading towards the single digits, some folks will be concerned about frozen pipes. If you are not one of them consider yourself lucky.

Mother Nature is quite forceful and her changes occur quickly. Then we are all at the weather’s mercy. I am sure people are busily cleaning off the store shelves stocking up on staples to get them through the next few days.

But most people I know have a rough time during January anyway. I have to admit that it is a most unfavorite month. So what can we do to maybe make it better?

There are many things that could be done during the winter months.

Get your receipts together for income tax preparation. Unless you are really organized, they are probably everywhere. Find them and put them together. It is an easy task and does not require a lot of effort. You don’t even have to do the math yet. Just put them in envelopes or an expanding file for later use.

If you are a gardener, start getting your seeds ready for planting. It will not be long. You can order many things from catalogs or online and therefore you do not have to go out. You might investigate how to force crocus bulbs and others and start working on that.

Put out a large jigsaw puzzle. Make sure it’s in an area where you will normally pass by it several times a day. This was my father’s way of alleviating boredom during the winter. He worked on the puzzle on his way to and from work and in between chores afterwards. It gave him something to think about outside himself.

Learn something new. If you have thought about scrap booking but did not have the time. Winter might be the time for you. If you are already done scrap booking, challenge yourself to do it in a more environmentally friendly way. Try to use previously used items and even photos from magazines. Get creative. Call it your “Bad Economy Scrapbook.” It will be very interesting ten or twenty years from now.

Clean out closets. All of us could do that. Maybe you will find something that you did not realize was there. This would be a good time to get rid of winter clothes that you are sure you will not wear. Look carefully and give unused items to charity. There are folks out there who could use them.

Make soup and share it with an elderly neighbor. That will give you something special to do and allow you to see appreciation in someone else.

If I know someone who is unemployed and looking for a job, take them out for a lunch on you. It will make them feel better and they will appreciate a supportive friend.

Try not to sleep too much. It is a natural tendency in the wintertime, is one oversleeping will disturb your nighttime sleep pattern.

Do not forget to exercise. It is particularly important in the cold weather and it can be done indoors.

Find something to celebrate. Even creating a “Happy No Day” is a good idea. Or celebrate the half-way mark of January 2009!


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