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Weep For My Heart

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Out of the many people
That knocked on my door,
I chose to give my heart
To people who swore
To stand by me, lose or win.
Whoever thought so strong,
So aged a bond would wear thin?

I gave them my heart, them
Who are in need of it
For isn’t it that those in need
Would stand by their vow to keep it?
I gave them my heart, the lonely,
Lost souls who hungered
The appreciation, the love,
And the trust my heart could give.

I gave them my most precious heart,
My heart, one thing I held so dear
No second thoughts, not even fear.
I gave them my heart, one I’d been
So careful with from the start
And they deliberately tore it apart.

Now it’s trying to mend itself back
Putting the pieces back together,
Asking the prayers to close every crack
I gave them my heart, my one precious heart.
I couldn’t get another if I wished to
There’s no other one like it in the world
Mending hearts take time, so I was told

I gave them my heart; they broke it apart
With my pain, it’s their pride they feed
They went away in a song, skipping in a happy beat
They seem to have forgotten that I could bleed.

Some days I cry for murder victims,
For forsaken citizens, for betrayed lovers
For the death of a mother, a father, a sibling,
For the death of a friend, for a lost child
But today, my heart that could love so blindly…
Today, I weep for my heart.


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