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What’s Wrong with Not Being a Size Two?

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Ever since the day I was born, it was acknowledged as a great thing to be skinny. It meant you were beautiful. I disagree. Many skinny people are ugly. Many skinny people are beautiful. Many overweight people are beautiful, and many are just as ugly as some skinny people. Weight shouldn’t define how beautiful you are, should it?

All my life, I’ve been overweight. I’ve never worn a size smaller than a medium. And a medium is if I’m lucky. My body fat percentage isn’t too low, and my thighs aren’t what you would call “toned.” I can’t walk into Aeropostale without getting a stare down by the skinny girls who work there. If I look at a t-shirt that is an XL, I put it right down because it just won’t fit me. Every morning I look at myself in the mirror and think, “Does this look good on me, or should I change just to be safe?” I’m sure that’s how many women feel about their bodies. But it’s not only negative.

I may walk into a store, and I know that I don’t look that ugly. I’m probably wearing some cute jeans, with flip-flops, a pretty shirt, and great jewelry. Maybe something you may see in Seventeen Magazine, but my style. I’ll see the cutest guy ever, and he won’t even look at me. I can usually tell what they’re thinking. It’s probably “Whoa … she’s fat.” Yes, there are some guys who are above that, but it’s not usually the cute ones. I’m tired of being looked at and judged.

There are many stereotypes for overweight people. They eat a lot, they’re slobs, they can’t walk without getting out of breath, so on, so forth. That may be true for some people, but not me. Okay, sure, sometimes I eat a lot, but I’m not a pig. My problem is overeating. I eat fruit, turkey burgers, chex mix, and other things that aren’t deep fried. I don’t have ice cream 24/7 and I won’t go near many types of candy. The only candy I like is M&Ms and starbursts. In moderation, those aren’t that bad. My only weakness is French fries. My mother eats salads and grilled chicken all the time. She still doesn’t loose that much weight. So, obviously it’s genetic in my family. I have cousins who are still struggling with weight, although they may work out four times a week.
Other stereotypes, such as being slobs, is so untrue. I am probably the most organized person you’ll meet. Other than my room, but still, I can organize pretty well. And my parents, they’re both some sort of neat freaks. People who come over to my house are always whispering to each other that it’s so much cleaner than they’re house (because they have kids).

Another stereotype is being lazy and not athletic. My sister can prove you wrong. She’s tried every sport known to man, and still wants to do more. She may not be the fastest runner, but she still is very active. Myself, I’ve tried karate (made it about halfway through) did dance as a kid, and I did softball for four years. I can also say I did one day of gymnastics (more like 1 minute).

I hate the stereotypes we get. It is horrible. Yes, we shouldn’t let our selves get unhealthy and out of shape, but it’s okay to not be completely skinny that your ribs are clearly visible.

Just look at all the accomplishments plus-sized women have made. Whitney from America’s Next Top Model was the first plus sized girl to win. Adele won best new artist at the Grammy’s this year. And there’s much more. So to all of you skinnier women, please stop stereotyping us, because we can come up with even more stereotypes for skinny women, and they aren’t pretty.


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