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What Are the Colors of Self-Love?

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Envision your beautiful lovable you as a fancy basket which you would decorate for your home. This basket would be a showpiece and hold all the wonderful mementos of your life. Bring out the best and biggest basket you have ever seen. Cover it in beautiful flowers, ribbons and beads—all the elements of your life; your journey in this world. Go crazy with your imagination, indulge in your dreams as this is basket is an image of who you are and what you are made of.

Now that you have the perfect “you” decorated it is time to fill you up with all the ingredients of self-love. In order to strengthen the vital love you have for yourself—you must take all the ingredients that contribute to high self-love and combine them together to create a more positive lovable you—keeping your basket full and undivided. So now is the time to go on a treasure hunt like you did in your youth. Imagine if you will, each precious trinket you discover a symbol of the ingredients that makes up who you are—your inner being; your self-love waiting to be filled and nurtured. This will be the most wonderful hunt of your life.

Remember playing “Eye Spy with my little eye something that is…” when you were a child. Oh the excitement of looking for that special item to match the desired color called for in the game. The exhilaration of seeing all that was around you if for the first time as you tried to imagine what the host of the game was looking at. Now close your eyes and visualize yourself in the middle of a game of “Eye Spy” and look for items to place in your life basket that have the following self-love colors.

Red – beautiful, strong and ready for battle. Courage—gather the strength to step away from the familiar and blossom as the person you were born to be. Tiny steps count towards your goal. Enjoy the journey and don’t worry about the destination. Build your mountain of success one stone at a time and then stand upon it proudly with your flag of courage firmly planted next to your feet.

Orange – wisdom ray, educated. Gratitude is one of the cornerstones to building your “House of The Lovable You” Being grateful for EVERYTHING that comes to you in your journey – good and bad – will keep your positive energy strong and your attraction to what you dearly desire pointed in the right direction. You can do it, four little words: “I am grateful for…” are easy to roll off the tongue and when coming from the heart mean so much to so many but especially to you.

Green – symbol of nature, optimism, well being – There is no one more perfect as the Authentic “You” Being who you are born to be is the most important mission you have in your physical realm. Only what YOU feel, think, say and ado is important in your life. Everything else and everyone else are just teachers in your journey. So be authentic and learn all you have to learn from your situations you encounter and you will live the life you so desire.

Blue – peace, loyalty, honor – Forgiveness – forgive yourself and others. Learn the lessons from each situation and leave the hurt in the past. This will help you to keep moving forward in your journey. Holding on to grudges, hard feelings, and anger – it doesn’t matter how you it is worded it all adds up to negative energy – only keeps you “stuck” in your journey. If you do find you cannot forgive then realize that and accept it. Learn from the experience and know that the situation happened for a reason, as nothing in life is uncertain. So let it all go and continue walking down your path. Closure will come if it is meant to occur.

Black – power, elegance, sophistication – Positive affirmations and Intentions – implement them daily to focus your energy in a positive direction from a negative one. Focusing your mind on positive words helps you to manifest what you truly want in your life to bring you joy and happiness. See black in a whole new light. Envision black as a shining beacon of triumph and not as a symbol of remorse.

Brown – relaxing, confident, and genuine – “Letting Go” and riding the journey without worry about the destination. Enjoy “being” not “doing.” I know, who wants a brown treasure in your life basket? But if you think about it, chocolate is brown and how relaxing and genuine is that sweet morsel? So take a small piece of the dark treasure and as you let it dissolve on your palette, let go of everything in your life except the feeling and sensation of the moment. Let all your troubles and worries disappear with the melting of the chocolate.

(White) – cleanliness, purity, and simplicity. Journaling your Inner Being’s thoughts and dreams. Seeing your dreams and goals on paper everyday engraves them into your consciousness. “Seeing is believing” and believing makes all things possible. Keep life simple but creative and adventurous

Indigo – spiritual attainment, mastery. Meditation and Visualization. Clear the mind of negative chatter and leave it free to fill with positive thoughts and room for your visualizations of all you want to accomplish.

Violet – tolerance – No Judgment of others – when you love yourself you have no room for judging others. You are able to love unconditionally with an open mind and an open heart. Accept everyone who crosses your path as the perfect people they are and have them in your life or learn what you can from your experience with him or her and let them move on in their own direction.

Yellow – remembrance – Never forgetting who you are, where you came from and all the lessons you have learned. Your past is important to learn from but not to dwell upon. Leave it where it belongs – in the past and move forward.

Gold – bright, happy full of riches – Happiness – ultimate to living life. Find your “golden egg” when all your other precious trinkets have been safely tucked into your fabulous basket called your life. It’s an easy find – look into your dreams and goals and take the small steps towards achieving them. Keep positive thoughts which will turn into dreams and when dreamed enough turn into goals and once you have goals there is nothing to stop you from achieving them. Shoot for the moon and enjoy every star you reach along the way.

Congratulations, you now have a beautiful “Life” basket that is full of all the treats of your life, you are ready to enjoy the joyous life you were born to live. You are full of self-love and the abundance of this vast universe is yours to utilize. Go out and enjoy.


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