What Are You Worried About?

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Is there something you have been bothered about recently? A problem you are not sure you know how to solve? We have all found ourselves bothered from time to time over circumstances that seem beyond our control. As we think through every possible negative scenario, we become more nervous, upset and afraid of what the future might bring. Whether in a relationship, on the job, in your health or finances, uncertainty is rarely a welcome feeling. We all like to know what is coming next. Solving a problem quickly is so appealing. We like to plan and be sure of how things will turn out. The simple truth is that nothing in life is ever a sure thing. Uncertainty is a part of this glorious journey. The key is to learn how to handle it. 

Matthew 6:34 gives us some very sound advice about how to handling worries about the future: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Oftentimes, we miss the blessings of today – living and doing our best in the present moment – because we spend our present moments consumed with plans and worries about the future. You can discover that your future unfolds best when you choose to focus more on the present than you do on the future. In fact, your future is largely determined by what you do today. If you do things today that build a foundation for a better future, there will be naturally less to worry about. In the verse before Matthew 6:34, Jesus says, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” “These things” refers to the things you are worried about. In other words, stop worrying and trust that God is in control. 

Have you put God first as you consider your solution? Alternatively, are you trying to force something to work when perhaps God is trying to lead you in a new or better direction? Do the options you are considering exemplify love and kindness? Are they an example of God’s mercy and forgiveness? Do they demonstrate excellence and discipline? Will the outcome of this trial you are going through show others how to be patient and persevere? 

The easiest road to where you want to go is not always the right road. Whatever you are going through in your life, embrace the fact that there is a lesson that God wants you to learn from it. When you learn the lesson, you grow. You expand your capacity to handle more in the future. Your character is shaped for the better. God is glorified. And you will become more of the person you were created to be.



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