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What Goes Around Comes Around

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How many times have you heard that saying and mumbled to yourself, “Why doesn’t it come faster?” Well, I have found out that as we age into those “experienced years,” our fifties we often witness those things coming around. Yes, the good to in fact receives good and the bad … well you know how it goes!

What a pleasure it is to see good deeds in action and the joy that it brings to the heart! I recently witnessed the cycle come to life. One of my dear friends lost her job after thirty plus years, a consciousness professional who was informed by her boss that he no longer could afford her. Hmmm, no pleasant ending, “Thank you so much for your years of hard work,” no gift, no farewell lunch or even a coffee! All that hard work for what-to join the crowds of unemployed people? What did I do to deserve this?

Now, the good starts to come around to the person who is always doing good deeds for other and has tremendous faith in God. A freak one-hundred dollar lottery winning (she never buys tickets), money on the floor in Target, a check from a friend who loves her dearly and appreciates all the goodness that she has shared with her. She has always been there in times of trouble. Now it is her turn to receive for all the times she has sent goodness into the universe. What a pleasure it was to see this old saying come to life right before my very own eyes! So now as your travel along the path of life just remember the impact of “What goes around comes around!”


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