What Happened?

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I was born right after World War II,  raised in optimistic Long Island, New York suburbs,  raised Catholic, attended Catholic girls’ school with unhappy nuns, and I never saw a ‘minority’ until college.

My husband is Greek Orthodox; my parents thought he was Jewish.  I married at twenty; graduated college at twenty-one, and was five months’ pregnant. My husband entered graduate school and we lived in two attic rooms with my parents for four years.

In a blur, we raised three children, now all college graduates and with good jobs.  Two of them married. I’m so proud of them, they’re all environmental activists.

We’ve never been unfaithful.  We came home from work each night and carried on.  I never went to a happy hour. My husband and I just retired, we’ve been married forty-two years.  No grandchildren probable.  Girls painfully recall that I always looked ‘too exhausted.’

Why, how did we, now what?  Was there an easier or smarter way to get here?

We are exhausted.

What happened?


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