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What If I Wasn’t Traumatized but Another Family Member Was?

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I have gotten questions recently that I thought might apply to many of you, so I decided to share them: “Can my relationship problems come from someone else in my family being abused?” Also, “Can my relationship problems stem from me being abused in a past life?”

My answer to both of these questions is “yes.”

Relationship problems frequently come from being the child of a parent that had a traumatic fate.

Often times, the children of abuse survivors take on a heavy burden by assuming a kind of “blind love” in an attempt to make the parent or close relative happy.

I am calling it blind love because no one can carry someone else’s fate. These insights are from my experience leading, seeing and participating in hundreds and hundreds of Family Constellations.

Now to the second question:

“Can relationship problems come from negative past-life experiences?”

Although I am not doing any past-life work, I intuitively know that sometimes we “bring” stuff with us into this lifetime. What I work with is the “now” moment.

If you feel limited in the way you are able to express and receive love, then that is all that matters. You may not know the “story” of why that is; it could be from a past life, it could be from this life. If you don’t have any memory of being abused yourself, but you do feel limited in intimate relationships, then everything that I shared on my free call will help you transform.


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