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What if Your Weight Gain Was a 24 Hour Thing?

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What if your weight gain was a 24 hour thing? Really think about it... if you gained 25 lbs and you knew with as much certainty, like how you know the sun will come up tomorrow, that it was only a 24 hour thing? And when you woke up the next morning
it would be gone... would you care?

The reason why I post this question is because it proves a very important point.. most of you (or perhaps all of you) don't actually believe that your weight gain is temporary. There is a belief deep down inside of you (stemming from a place of fear) that this weight thing is forever. And that is a problem, let's talk about why:

1. If your belief deep down is that your weight gain is forever, then your unconscious mind is not able to grasp an alternate reality. If you believe that, then you confirm it by standing in front of the mirror and saying, "Yep, this is the way it is!" Then your unconscious mind says, "I guess this is the way it is."

2. If you believed it was temporary, you would take very different actions. If you knew your weight gain was even a 7 day fluke, would you diet, punish, force, etc? Of course not! You would say this is all going to be gone in a week so I might as well enjoy life.

3.Your stress levels are much higher when you believe your current reality (which you don't particularly like) is your forever reality. It is stressful to imagine a life where you never truly have everything you want.

4. Your power is given up to your weight when it is forever. If you believed it was temporary, you wouldn't give weight any power at all. It wouldn't mean anything because it's not something you have to deal with, it's just something that "is" for the time being.

5. Your identity becomes "overweight." I talk a lot about the importance of your identity when it comes to weight. If you believe it is forever, you are taking on an identity that isn't truly you. You don't have to live the rest of your life with excess weight, however you will if you believe that's just who you are.

So the bottom line is, you have got to start believing this is a temporary gig, just part of the journey, one step to get to the next step. Treat it no different than you would treat any other small life challenge that comes along to teach you something. Thank your excess weight for showing up to teach you something you didn't know about yourself and then begin imagining what your life will be like when you remove it forever.


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