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What Is the Real the Meaning of Life?

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It is the quality which distinguishes a vital and functioning being from a dead one. It is a period of usefulness of something—to pass through or spend duration. But I believe that as long as you leave your life in the hands of other people, you’ll never live. You have to take the responsibility for choosing and defining your own life.

But I wonder why some people are afraid of life. I don’t know why it is. We are afraid to be what we are! We get marvelous, insane feelings at times and we don’t act on them. We’re afraid of living life, therefore, we don’t experience, we don’t see. We don’t feel. We don’t risk!  We don’t care! And we are afraid to love! Therefore we are afraid to live thus we don’t live at all. Life means getting your hands dirty, it means jumping in the middle of it all. Life means falling flat on your face … life never promises an easy journey … life means going beyond yourself—into the stars! It may be reachable or beyond your reach … what is important is you tried to reach out for those stars!

You have no reason to be afraid of life. It’s like trying to hold the lid on when the steam is ready to blow. Something will happen. I’m convinced of it!  But if you insist on fearing life, you’ll either turn to extremes of fear, pain, loneliness, paranoia, or apathy. All signs that you are not alive, you are not living! So if you are feeling any of these things, roll up your sleeves and say “Let me live, give me the courage to face and embrace the beauty of life”   The moment you welcome life in yourself, you will be safe … cause life teaches us to be strong!  It isn’t easy getting into the journey of life, but life lets us know that it must be led, it must be driven!—and you are the driver of your own life! Make it as wonderful as it can be!


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