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What Truly Makes Me Happy

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Happiness has always been man’s most coveted trophy price. He just doesn’t realize that all things are done in hoping it results to happiness. People try to buy it, steal it, and even go to extreme means just to get a grasp of it but the catch is, happiness is a by-product not a goal. There is no “right path” to happiness, for it has many a path. Happiness is not a tangible thing but a state of mind. It is relative; therefore, numerous things can make different people happy.

It is wrong to just summate a complex idea like happiness, for there are several factors that can affect one’s happiness and it is possible that without one of them, happiness can cease to exist. I believe that there is this hierarchy to happiness much like the Hierarchy of Needs. The first is Physiological, the second is Safety, the third is Love/Belonging, the fourth is Esteem, and the fifth and final one is Self-actualization. After the basic needs that we share with animals come the more subtle needs that are more truly human.

We often hear people say “No amount of money can ever buy me happiness.” I call the people who say that self-righteous pricks because that statement is just simply erroneous. I firmly believe that things we can get with money can make us happy. Looking good, having the slight feeling of superiority, possessing confidence, and doing exactly what I want makes me happy because I believe in the earthly life. That more than owing anyone anything, I owe it to myself to be happy, even if this means selfish tendencies and other hazards. I believe that I am important and that there’s just no point in trying to please everyone, so I might as well please myself. I think grabbing life by the reins and steering exactly wherever I want is the best way to go because at least I’m doing it for me and I’ll be able to make your own mistakes and my own achievements.

On the other hand, I won’t be able to enjoy my happiness without a sense of inner peace. I have come to find out that I could never enjoy anything I have if I have this sense of guilt inside me. I figure this is why happiness is often associated with peace.

Narcissistic though it may seem, these are the things that make me truly happy.


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