What You Do Speaks Volumes, Do Everything With Excellence

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Today I'm grateful for consideration. When presented with a new project you have a choice of completing it in a satisfactory way, or considering how it will impact not only your client, but all the people who will have a chance to see your work, you can make sure that you will be completing it in such a way that it will speak volumes about your craftsmanship way beyond just the first impression…. When Michelangelo was commissioned to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, it took him 4 years to paint 12,000sq. feet with over 300 figures. Each figure is painted with amazing detail, you can see the flexed muscles, the expression on the faces, even the eyelashes! The Sistine Chapel is about 68 feet high, and at the time Michelangelo painted it, there was no way of seeing any of those details with the naked eye just standing on the floor, and of course in the XVI century there were no powerful cameras with extended lenses to see the detail of his paintings. Why did Michelangelo did it then? Why wasting so much time on painting some details that no one can see? He could have saved himself a lot of time, paint, and aches (he painted the ceiling laying down on a platform at the top of the scaffolding just below the ceiling, and with each stroke of paintbrush, the paint would splatter on his face). I believe he did it because he considered the future generations that will admire his work, and himself, the great master that he was. Settling for less that the best was not an option in his mind, only the best craftsmanship would do… I wish that today you too will consider that when faced with a project it is your good name that will be associated with it, so don't settle for less that the best you can do… ~~Angela



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