What Is Your Favorite Part of the Chicken?

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What does that say about you? Read on for a little fun and entertainment.

Thigh: You are supportive and want to help others in their quest for self- improvement: support foundations, organizer for the betterment of improving mankind, and humanistic organizations.

Leg: You are the foundation in a group. You do not mind starting up something for a worthy cause.

Wing: You have a problem with commitment and stick-to-itiveness. You will try many things before you settle down to stand firm on something. If it is not fun, you do not want to do it.

Breast: You want to be caressed and held tightly. You want someone to embrace you and your ideas. You need a lot of support before you can make a decision.

Neck: You are the one that holds everybody together. The referee when there is a dispute between family, friends, or associates. You help folk see that there are two sides to every story and a third side. Although small, size can be misleading in strength to solve a problem.

Feet: You are some of the best support a person can have because you are a trooper. You take instruction well and know how to carry out an order or request: a willing participant in assisting to bring a goal to fruition.

Giblets: You believe in getting to the heart of the matter. You are a no-nonsense person. You are quick to analyze and decipher what is going on with a person. You are excellent at troubleshooting and can generally figure out what the problem is when there is a glitch with a project. You are an excellent person to have as a resource.

Back: Save the best part for last. You are the person most people try to dump on because they think you are a sucker, little do they know how strong you are and how much wisdom and knowledge that you have. You are not to be taken for granted.

Nothing said here is to be taken to heart. You probably saw a little of yourself in each of the parts above. Note: we all change at given points in our lives and the events that surround us. It takes all parts to make a whole in any project.


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