When to Quit

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The year 2009 was so tumultuous for everyone, can we please just sleep through 2010? Please, Financial Fairy, can we take a little nap? Go through the next one with our eyes closed?

Okay, probably not. But there may be ways to rest without sleeping at the wheel. Operative word: rest. Go ahead. You worked hard in 2009. For a short time, take the opportunity to rest on your accomplishments. Are you alive? Keeping a bank account? Feeding the family? Yourself? Kudos.

If you’re grinding into the New Year on the old year’s steam, you may want to call it a wrap. Take a peek at your internal, physical, emotional clock for cues. Is it time yet to stop putting effort into that year?

Calling It Done

  • How do you know what that point is?
  • Is it when you’ve exhausted all options?
  • You’re too tired to continue?
  • You hit your milestones?
  • Or is it an internal feeling you check in with that blows the whistle: We’re outta here.

One of my businesses has been going through a loan modification process since last January. And I have wondered, when do I throw in the towel? I’ve done everything I can. I don’t have anything else emotionally or physically left to give the project. Throwing in the towel may mean foreclosing on a property. Or paying the mortgage at the rate it’s at. There are a whole lot of different versions of throwing in the towel. What are your indicators? When are you ready to call it done?

Out, Out Damn Year

How about this? We put everything we had into last year. Instead of starting out on top of 2010, consider this an invitation to start it by letting go. Physically, emotionally, go for extreme emotion. Make space for it. Put on your nighty for two days and call it quits. Cue tears. Cue emotional overwhelm. Table the consequences and give yourself permission to be irrational. Close the door and watch a Law & Order marathon. Cry, break down. Clear it out. Sleep. All that effort that came before, just let it go.

Then, take a shower. Toss the nighty in the laundry. Open the door, and bring anything you want into 2010. The gift of letting go is the emptiness you create for the year ahead.
Clean slate ahead: Fill wisely, fruitfully, creatively. 

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