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Where Did the Romance Go?

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It’s been twenty years since my husband and I got together. When we first met, I thought he was a jerk. He had so many girls call him at work. We never dated until after he was transferred—he was my boss. I decided to date him because I was curious. He ended up to be so unreal, like from a storybook. No wonder all these girls were after him. We would go out to talk, go to movies, the beach with friends, dinners, etc. We had explosive sex; everything was great. I guess as you grow with age, some people get slower, but I still kept my spontaneity and my husband didn’t. At times, I tell him, “Let’s just go pack up our things, our medicine cabinet, go off for the weekend, get out of town,go to the beach, just do something. He says he can’t leave because his mother might need him. His mother had knee surgery three months ago and she has two people staying with her taking care of her. But if it wasn’t his mother for an excuse, he would use something or someone else, like a friend needs his opinion on working on his car or something. We had so many great times together; now I feel like I’m the last one on his list. As I remember how he was then and how he is now, I wish I could go back in time twenty years ago and start all over again. When people ask if you would do things differently, for me, it’s true. Where did the romance go?


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