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Where I Am Going

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Do I run or do I stay? Each morning, as I open my eyes, I wish it was over. Here comes the thought, talking to me: are you staying or you leaving? You know he don’t love you, he can’t feed you or even clothe you! Why are you punishing yourself  “Stop it,” I said, “you are only a thought.” Look around you; the cash is low, he can’t even buy a bar of soap. Yes, I hear you, my pride keeps me running; where do you think you’re going? You can’t read, you can’t even fill out an application; no one wants you, that’s only the voice in your head no, no … those are his words. Your mother don’t even love you; she can’t even write herself. Look at you, yes, I said it, you don’t deserve nothing good. That little voice try to come out stop him! Just keep running because it’s all a lie. All of the sudden I am awakened by this positive light and I remember a thought is only a belief, and you don’t believe anything the thought said. Stop, look, listen, you are beautiful God loves you, and you are the controller of your destiny, so go out and shine your own light to many and around you. Always remember no one can take your power away from you unless you allow them. You’re love!


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