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Where My Hope and Trust Lies!

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When I pray, I am expressing my heart’s desire to the one I acknowledge as the creator! I have to admit, in the past, even though I sent those prayers out, there were times when a part of me doubted whether or not those petitions were heard or if the manifestation of what I’d prayed for would take place. The reason for that doubt had to do with the fact that all aspects of me had not communed as one; complete harmony had not taken place within me. As a result, the inner me was in conflict—no aspect of me was still. Wondering of the mind stems from various things. For example: not knowing if you’re really in touch with a supreme being, simply because you were taught to believe that. There’s nothing confirming what you believe in a substantial way. Beliefs are based on being taught a belief system. It’s only a belief, not a knowingness. Thus a person has to come to “know” what he/she is in touch with.

I grew up as an introvert. I lived inside myself—a watcher of the inner me. I was in touch with all aspects of my inner self, even though I didn’t understand all that was taking place within me. I knew there was conflict, however, how to stop the conflict wasn’t known to me since I didn’t understand myself as a child. As I developed mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, I came to understand the inner me and what I was in touch with. My inner self revealed to me who I was. It wasn’t what was outside of me (my physical surroundings/the material world/societies teachings) that confirmed my identity. My inner self included, for lack of better terms, my spirit, soul, mind, heart—all aspects of mind. I had to learn how to bring all those aspects into complete harmony so that there would be oneness within me. Once that was accomplished, I knew what I was in touch with. Not that I could provide it with a name or form, however, I felt myself connected to a force greater than myself. I was immersed with that force. It’s a part of me and vice versa. That is a knowingness that can’t be denied and needs no man-made explanation.

I put my faith and trust in what I know I am in touch with. Since that includes both myself and what I am in touch with = oneness, the two of us work together to bring about a desired result! I know what I’m capable of achieving and bringing about since I know me. And the supreme force that lives inside and outside of me moves me toward it!


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