Who Is in the Driver’s Seat of Your Life?

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What would happen if you lived your life by design rather than by default? What would happen if you took the time to choose what you wanted in life, rather than letting life choose it for you?

I am sure many of you know people who are living their lives on autopilot. They get up in the morning, get ready to go to work, drive to work using the same route, do their daily work tasks, drive home from work using the same route as before, eat dinner, perhaps play with the kids, watch TV, and then go to bed. The next morning it starts all over again. Before you know it, weeks have gone by, months, and then years.

Sometimes a life crisis happens, a severe accident, a life-threatening illness, the death of a loved one, or a mid-life crisis, and these people who have been on autopilot for so many years suddenly wake-up and take a good look at the lives they have been living. They may realize that they have been ‘human doings’ rather than ‘human beings,’ living their lives for everyone and everything other than themselves.

What is ironic about this situation is that whether we like it or not, we are the authors of our own lives. Everything that we have right now is the RESULT of the choices and decisions we have made along the way, even if our choices were made on autopilot or chosen according to some sort of ‘should,’ ‘could,’ or ‘ought to.’ We can too easily get sucked into external expectations and the idea of our own personal and authentic life slips away.

A life crisis is not necessary for making positive changes in your life. Take a good hard look at your life right now and ask yourself:

“If I am not the one in the driver’s seat, then who or what is?”

Living your life in the driver’s seat means that you know what you want and what is most important to you. You live a balanced and fulfilling life filled with purpose and meaning. You have taken the time to create an authentic, vibrant, and happy life, because if you don’t take the time to choose what you want, life will choose it for you.

The way to get back into the driver’s seat of your life is to create a life strategy. If you want to get the most out of your money, you must create a financial strategy. The same is true for your life.

The first two important steps in creating a successful life strategy are committing to it and developing a strong personal core.

1. Commit to it.

As mentioned before, you are the author of your own life—the artist of your own creation. It has taken a considerable amount of time to create the life you have now.

It makes sense then to think that change cannot happen overnight. You are going to have to be willing to commit to the process of designing the kind of life you want. This is going to require some time to reflect on what your life is like now, how you want it to be, and then planning and taking specific action steps to implement the changes you want.

2. Develop a strong personal core.

Just like a house needs a foundation to support it, or as a plant needs a root system to support it, a person requires a strong personal core to support oneself. The bigger the house or plant, the stronger the foundation or root system needs to be, so if you want to grow BIG, you will require as strong a personal core as possible.

A successful life strategy requires you to take the time to ensure that your personal core is as solid as possible. Your personal core literally becomes the platform from which everything else in your life develops and grows. When your core is weak, so much of your time and energy is spent on crises-control that you can’t even begin to imagine leading the successful and happy life that you would like to live.

You can live with a weak personal core, constantly getting further behind rather than ahead, or you can begin building a reliable, steadfast, and strong core and embark on a journey of prosperity and growth.

The choice is yours. A successful life strategy, however, requires a strong personal core.

Exercise: Think about all of the benefits you will reap as a result of “getting back in the driver’s seat of your life” and developing a strong personal core. Describe how you want your life to be different.

Good work! Give yourself a pat on the back, look in the mirror and tell yourself “I’m Awesome!”

Tomorrow we will talk about how your comfort zone may be hindering you from getting what you want. Have a great day!

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  • Build a strong personal core to help you realize your true potential.
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  • Understand who you really are and what is important to you.
  • Get clear about what you want and how to get it.
  • Eliminate the blocks between what you have and what you want.
  • Develop a compelling and motivating vision for your future.

Copyright © 2006, Cheri Baumann. A series created by Valerie Orsoni


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