Who Is To Hear?

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This I believe—the world needs more privacy and each individual needs more space.  In the expansion of the technology of today, there seems to be a desire for everyone to share what they think and who they are.  What happened to the days of peace and quiet, where a child climbed under a blanket of fluff and fur, collasped beneath the pine tree in the front yard of the farmhouse and delved into a world of fantasy? Never having to explaine his or her trips into the light fantastic, never needed to worry if it was spelled right or if the grammar contain the proper number of commas.

This is childhood in all of its innocence and freedoms.

Why do I write?  I write to express myself not for the approval of another, but to let it ‘all hangout’ to say who cares if espression is spelled right or if I have use the passive voice instead of the active voice.  What the heck, it is my voice, is it not?  And if I scope up the wrong verb tense and accidentally throw in the present tense when I should have used past, who is to hear except for the wind that rustles the pine needles on the hundred year old tree above my head?


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