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Whose Life Have You Touched?

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How many lives have you touched? How many people have you reached out to? Blessed? Loved? Most you may never know … at least not while you’re on Earth. When we get to heaven though, then you’ll know.

How many people have touched you? Almost every person who has come into your life whether good or bad. A lot of people come to mind. There were girls at primary school who wanted to be my friends. There was a kind teacher, and a boy who offered to teach me how to swim (I was a basket-case in water). There were friends who gave me gifts, and whose parents helped my family.

Then I remember family members who loved me regardless of the nonsense I got into. There were family friends who were always a blessing … Christmas was never boring. I grew to expect presents on my birthday and Christmas. And in adulthood there are people I’ve met, friends who stood by me when I was going through rough times and who believed in me. There were people at church who prayed with me during a service … some of them I don’t even know. There are leaders at church who prayed over my life and held my hand. There are so many I can’t begin to name them one by one.

But I also want to mention the people who brought hurt, pain, disappointment, discouragement. The backstabbers, haters. You may ask why I am thankful for them. They moved me closer to God. When they were mean, said stuff, hurt me, the result was that I leaned on God. He became my best friend. I learned to cry on his shoulders, which are big enough for a lot of people to cry on all at once. He healed my broken heart. He would hold me at night and tell me everything would be okay. God has always been there for me and he has become someone I am learning to trust.

So yes, I am thankful for every person who has come into my life. Hope you’ll think the same.



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