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Why I Believe In God (Love)

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“If I speak in the tongues of man and angels but have not love; I’m only a resounding cymbal.” Corinth 13:1

God is love; He is there for us when we are not there for ourselves. I was so different from what I am today.

Everyone who encounters a God experience becomes a new person. He takes away the taste for whatever your issues are. I was an adulterer, fornicator, party person. When you’re in that lifestyle, you can’t see anything wrong with it. You’re blinded to the truth. The love you think you have is just lust of the body. Real love looks at you and sees a real being, not a beautiful body and empty mind. That’s why man looks on the outside but God looks at the heart.

We are all born to sin; when we come into the world, we only think about ourselves. A baby only know his needs, he reaches for what he wants, even if it’s dangerous. We are the protectors, just as God is our protector.

I remember once I was driving down the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn speeding in my red convertible, when a pole fell in front of me; all I remember is thinking, this is it. But by some strange coincidence, I found myself on the other side of the pole. This is for real. I was astonished. That’s only one of the times when He saved me. Another time, my car broke down on my way home from a party. This was 3:00 a.m. and I was taking the shortcut through a swamp area in Brooklyn; I was afraid to get out of the car, so I sat there. A patrol car finally came by; he glanced over at me and kept going. There were no cell phones in those days. I sat for an hour; it was dark with no street lights. The shrubbery was over the top of the car. I wasn’t getting out of the car; that only happens in the movie. After a while, another police car came by, stopped, and asked if I needed help. You see, in that area, a body was found and all sorts of things—but God protected me. It’s like this: if He can save me, then He can save anyone who asks.


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